Creating a VR game – Organisation

I’ve started making the game! Last night I programmed in functionality to pick up objects with the Vive controllers, as it’s no use having virtual representations of hands that do nothing in  a game. My game will not be a ‘lets throw around a ton of objects’ physics sandbox, so the hand control will be mostly limited to grabbing a single object and *maybe* throwing a few switches. In any case, this little burst of productivity released a nice burst of endorphins that have had the happy side effect of boosting my motivation.

Talking of motivation, I’ve set up an instance of JIRA to organise my thoughts on the VR game. JIRA is awesome in that it’s completely free if you have 5 users or under using it, and as I am already familiar with it from work it seemed like the logical choice to go with in order to actually start organising this thing!

It’s quite funny actually, as my Vive headset is currently off for RMA (stuck green pixels in left eye), so I can’t actually what I’ve implemented right now. Any UI stuff I look at can be tested but actual gameplay sadly… cannot! Here’s hoping the blueprints work!

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