Unreal Engine 4 Endless Runner – Part 1

About 6 months ago I created an endless runner in Unreal Engine 4, following a series of tutorials posted by an Epic staff member. After completing the series I expanded on the functionality of the game, having a variety of houses spawn on the sides of the street and implementing various GUI elements, like a menu and a speedometer.

I moved onto other projects, feeling like I had learned quite a lot. Why I didn’t stick with it I don’t know… but I reopened it the other day and after some debugging I just couldn’t get it to work. Three new engine versions and a 5 month gap meant the game refused spawn anything. I also didn’t have a rubber duck handy so I was dead in the mud.

So I decided to start again! This will be a new series of blog posts dedicated to one, making an endless runner and two, learning the ins and outs of Unreal Engine! I won’t really post anything while I’m following the tutorial but once I start adding to the base game, I’ll be posting updates and progress shots on here frequently!

For now, have a picture of an automatically generated road.

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