Sneak Peak #2 – Living Room Progression

I’ve put a few more hours into making my little living room environment! The most recent renders are at the top 🙂 The light shaft is just a test idea so ignore the fact it looks a little wonky. The annoying thing about the combination of settings I’m using to achieve this render is that volumetric lighting (think god rays if that sounds like gobbledegook) isn’t supported so I’m having to fake it. As depth isn’t really a thing in orthographic views the fact that the light is slanted of to the left looks a tad strange. Good to know for further work though!

Still to add: Computer chair, laptop, boxes, dvd stand, consoles, table (that’s the blue circle at the moment) and chairs. Also general living room brik-a-brak.

ProgressShot_8 ProgressShot_7 ProgressShot_6

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