Unreal Engine 4 Endless Runner – Part 2

Hi All 🙂

Just a quick update on the progress of my endless runner. I’ve now added a few systems which can be seen in the debug HUD I’ve set up.

What’s new;


. There is now a speed measurement system. This gets my vector length and tells me my forward speed and is shown in the top left. As my speed slowly increases over time (a staple of any endless runner) this is recorded.

. An energy bar has been added. This is a slowly refilling bar that gets depleted when the player performs a special action like jumping or boosting.

. A Distance bar. This grabs the players location in one frame then in the next frame, grabs it again to work out the distance I’ve travelled. This is then added to a variable which the level blueprint picks up on.


. In the lower screenshot you can see blue debug text. This is the level distance. Once the player has run that distance in a level, they currently… well… die. This will be replaced with a end of run state, probably walking up to a building which is considered home. So why is this called an endless runner if there’s a level distance? That’s a secret 😀

. Cars in quasi-random locations (there a 4 fixed points where they can spawn) with a random rotation added to them when created.

. A road texture!

. Slow mo (time dilation). I’ve now hooked up a system wherein the HUD only shows when ‘Q’ is pressed. This allows the player to check their stats (speed, distance and eventually time) without having to worry about crashing into things. Eventually this will be metered or on a timer.


The first one is a screenshot from around a week ago, which shows me adding randomly placed and rotated cars to the road. The second screenshot shows the most recent iteration of the game.



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